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Cut diamonds and colored gemstones have been a popular and recognized form of investment for centuries. This is due, on the one hand, to the fact that gemstones have survived all previous financial and economic crises unscathed and, on the other hand, to their special mobility. A high-quality colored gemstone (e.g. ruby, sapphire, alexandrite, or emerald) with a weight of 5 carats – this corresponds to one gram – can have the same market value as a gold bar weighing 1 kg. For this reason, gemstones have often been given the title “ideal escape currency”.
This fact, as well as the fact that gemstones are not subject to wealth tax and are hardly affected by inflation, deflation or devaluation, makes them particularly attractive as an anonymous real asset investment!

Of course, gemstones can and should only represent part of the investment mix, but not everyone can or wants to invest in real estate, antiques or works of art and the international stock exchanges and financial markets are currently hardly classified as a safe haven. Even gold, the “crisis currency no. 1”, has seen clear downward trends after a record high.

Ruby, sapphire, alexandrite, paraiba, aquamarine, garnet and emerald should be mentioned in the foreground as a proverbial high-carat investment in the color stone area. In terms of quantity, their quality deposits are far below those of diamonds, which is unlikely to be a disadvantage for future price developments. We also recommend selected individual pieces of tanzanite, mandarin garnet, tsavorite and tourmaline, to name just a few examples. In addition, there are a large number of gemstone rarities, but the purchase of which should be reserved for expert collectors or industry experts. If you are only looking for a quick profit, you are not well advised with this form of investment, the decisive criteria here are definitely the factors of longevity and enjoyment of this uniquely attractive material.

When buying, you should make sure that the gemstones are within a price range that can be classified as resellable within the upper middle class. It makes relatively little sense to invest large sums in a single stone, which can then only be sold through one of the international auction houses – a selective distribution (which can take personal preferences into account) is better, whereby the quality of the gems always comes first must stand!

For those customers who are interested in particularly exquisite quality, we have worldwide contacts (India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia) with the best prices, selected premium gemstones (each certified twice). These treasures, which are predestined as solid and long-term capital investments, will be happy to present and advise you personally by appointment.

In contrast to colored stones, diamonds are subject to a worldwide calculation and valuation standard based on the US dollar. The international diamond business is dominated by a single group – this offers the advantage of a certain continuity, but also the disadvantage that “bargains” are hard to come by.

As a potential buyer of gemstones, you should only invest your money where, in addition to serious and competent advice, a third-party, independent expert opinion from a well-known institute (gemmological expertise) is provided free of charge. In addition to the detailed description and grading, this usually also includes a current assessment of the market value – this is also of great importance for insurance or notarial purposes and serves as an ideal estimate of the price demanded by the gemstone dealer.

If you are specifically interested in gemstones as an investment, you can also contact us by email or phone +306945895143

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