Spinell – Cushion Orange/Red faceted 0,95ct. 5×5,8mm (1730A)

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Spinell – Carre Spiegelschliff Blau 19,17ct. 17x17mm (1834)

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item Number: 1730A Item condition: New
Natural / laboratory created: Natural Treatment / Heated: none
Cut grade: Ecellent Item: Spinell
Height: 4,0 mm Transparency: Transparent
Width: 5,0 mm Clarity: with inclusion
Length: 5,8 mm Luster: Excellent
Country of origin: Sri Lanka Weight: 0,95ct.
Form: Cushion Mohs hardness: 8,0
Shape: Faceted Info:
Variete / Color: Orange-Red Comments: 1 items per order/pack

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Since the stones in our pictures are greatly enlarged, of course, inclusions are much more visible than in nature.We guarantee the authenticity of our stones. We also accept orders and special requests.If you have any further questions, we are happy to answer your emails.They are only new gems imported directly from our countries of origin. All information was given to the best of our knowledge and belief and according to our perceptions. We are member: German Gemmological Society (DgemG, CIBJO) in Idar Oberstein Production: Are you looking for a goldsmith? Ask us!?? Do you have old jewelry, gold, or gems? Contact us If you would like to have a valuation report for your jewelery or gemstones, contact us for an appointment. The pictures do not correspond to the original size of the article, especially gemstones are greatly enlarged for a better view. Please note the dimensions in the description.

Treated: Precious stones that have undergone a heat treatment for color improvement.
The heat treatment of gemstones is a legitimate treatment method recognized worldwide by the CIBJO (Confédération Internationale de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie, Orfèvrerie, Diamantes, Perles et Pierres dt, International Jewelery Association), which is not a special award, but only one general award required. in a pure heat treatment, no color is introduced from the outside into the stone. rather, only color that is potentially already present in the stone is unfolded.
Irradiated: some gems, but mainly topazes are irradiated with gamma rays, neutrons or electrons to create or enhance color.
After treatment, the irradiated topaz must “cool down” for a few months, so that any remaining radiation is coverted, the length of the resting phase depends on the type of radiation. We from Chalos-shop generally do NOT use irradiated stones.

Clarity: IF = Flawless VVS = very very smal inclussion VS = very smal inclussion SI = smal inclussion PI = with inclussion Opak = opaque

Spinell – Cushion Orange/Red faceted 0,95ct. 5×5,8mm (1730A)

1 review for Spinell – Cushion Orange/Red faceted 0,95ct. 5×5,8mm (1730A)

  1. Nick K

    Excellent gemologists, well done!

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