About CVD Diamonds:

CVD diamonds, also known as Lab Grown Diamonds, are created in labs through Chemical Vapor Deposition. They closely resemble natural diamonds in physical and chemical properties.

Why CVD Diamonds?

Natural diamonds are expensive due to their geological formation over billions of years. CVD diamonds provide a more affordable alternative with the same quality and beauty. Initially, the High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) method was used, but it was resource-intensive.

CVD Diamond Production Process:

CVD diamonds are created by heating gases at low pressures, resulting in high-quality gemstones. The process is slow, taking about four weeks to grow a single crystal diamond from a seed.

Steps in CVD Diamond Production:

Place a fragile “seed” in a sealed chamber, often made of carbon, fluorocarbons, silicon, or filaments.
Subject the seed to high temperatures (around 800°C).
Introduce a carbon-rich gas, typically a mix of hydrogen and methane, which ionizes and breaks down into pure carbon particles.
Accumulate pure carbon particles to form a diamond identical to naturally mined diamonds.
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